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Split Systems

Professional Split System Airconditioning Services in Melbourne by Day & Night Airconditioning

Comprehensive Split System Airconditioning Services

Day & Night Airconditioning prides itself on delivering top notch service to our customers. For us, there’s no job too big or small when it comes to split system airconditioning. Whether it’s installation, repair, maintenance, or full system replacement, our team can handle it all with precision.

We understand how important it is for your home or workplace to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. A split system air conditioner is an efficient way to balance the temperature of your space. Moreover, occasional maintenance will ensure the longevity and performance of your system. As part of our repair and maintenance service, we inspect the whole unit, clean the filters, check for leaks and refill the refrigerant if necessary.


Expert Installation of Split System Airconditioning

Every location has unique requirements when it comes to airconditioning. Our expert technicians can help you choose the right unit suited your need, after analysing factors such as the size and insulation of your space. Once decided, we proceed with the installation with utmost care ensuring each part is fitted correctly so that the system works to its maximum potential.

We highly recommend professional assistance for installing split air conditioning systems as it involves complex procedures such as electrical works and handling refrigerants. Opt for our professional installation service to ensure long lifespan and high performance of your system.


Emergency Repair & Maintenance for Split System Airconditioners

An unexpected breakdown of your air conditioning system can cause immense discomfort. At Day & Night, we understand this. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency repair services. With our experienced team on hand, we’re always ready to resolve your air conditioning problems, day or night.

Regular maintenance ensures a smoothly functioning air conditioning system and extends its lifespan. Don’t wait for your system to break down. Be proactive and opt for our preventive maintenance service, which includes regular checks and timely updates for a hassle-free experience.


How to Care for your Split System Airconditioner

Proper care and maintenance of your split system air conditioner can help prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Regularly cleaning the filters, monitoring the refrigerant levels and checking for leaks are some basic steps you can take. It’s also a good idea to regularly check the outdoor unit for any obstructions and keep the area clean. However, these tasks require a certain level of technical expertise. To ensure the effectiveness and longevity of your air conditioning system, it’s always best to entrust its care to professionals, like us at Day & Night.


Why Choose Day & Night Airconditioning?

  • Our team has 20 years of experience in the industry, providing high-quality split system air conditioning services across Melbourne.
  • We’re available 24/7 for emergency services – because we know break-downs can happen at the most inconvenient times.
  • Our pricing is upfront with no hidden charges.
  • We’re licensed, insured and your complete satisfaction is our top priority.
  • We’re a locally owned and operated company and are known for our excellent customer service.
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Get in Touch

Whether you need emergency air conditioning installation or a quick quote, our friendly team is readily available to help you put in place a new system that does the job. Call us on 1300 138 332; we will always provide you with the best possible service and customer care.

Scheduling a Visit

Our air conditioning team operates 24/7 and is available day and night at your convenience. We can easily work around your busy schedule and accommodate your air conditioning requirements. After all, we understand the need for a working air conditioner in the gruelling summer months.

On-site Assessment

As experienced air conditioner installers who understand the repair and maintenance process, we arrive on time at your property or site. Equipped with all the right tools to assess your air conditioner, we explain the problem simply and move towards a solution! You’ll be fully aware of the process every step of the way.

Quality Repairs or Installations

Do you require a quick repair or installation for your split or evaporative cooling system? Our professional and efficient air conditioning experts resolve your concerns quickly and to a high standard. You want your industrial or hospitality air conditioning system to work when needed.

Job Completion & Follow-up

You don’t need to worry about your space post-clean-up with us. Once the repair or installation has been completed, we will ensure a comprehensive clean-up and follow up with your thoughts on our service. Whether it be a residential or commercial assessment, we prioritise exceptional customer service and keep you cool!

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faq-electrical Is it necessary to service my split system airconditioner regularly?

Yes, regular servicing ensures the unit’s efficiency and longevity.

faq-electrical How do I choose the right air conditioner for my premise?

Factors such as the size of the room, insulation and sunlight exposure determine the right type of air conditioner.

faq-electrical Can Day & Night Airconditioning install my air conditioning unit?

Yes, we provide professional installation services for split system air conditioners.

faq-electrical What should I do if my air conditioner breaks down?

Contact us immediately. We offer 24/7 emergency repair services.

faq-electrical How often should I clean the filters?

It is advisable to clean the filters at least once every three months.

faq-electrical Can Day & Night Airconditioning handle any type of air conditioning system?

Absolutely, we specialize in all types of air conditioning systems.

faq-electrical Does Day & Night Airconditioning provide maintenance services as well?

Yes, we do. Regular maintenance can help to prevent sudden breakdowns and costly repairs.

faq-electrical Are the technicians at Day & Night Airconditioning licensed and experienced?

Yes, our technicians are licensed and have over 20 years of experience in the field.

faq-electrical I think my air conditioner is leaking, what should I do?

Contact us immediately. We offer 24/7 emergency services to handle any issues with your air conditioner.

faq-electrical What areas does Day & Night Airconditioning service?

We operate across Melbourne, providing top-quality air conditioning services.

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